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Multigrain Dosa

7th August, 2020

This will be slightly thicker than the regular one You can add Finely chopped Coriander leaves Or Curry leaves or Moringa leaves to the batter...

Rasam Recipe [Authentic Chennai style]

6th August, 2020

Soak. Lemon sized Tamarind in hot water . Pressure cook 4 table spoons of Arhar daal with half a spoon Turmeric powder, dilute with one cup of water and keep aside ...

Dahi Vada [Chennai Style]

5th August, 2020

Grind few green chillies with salt. Add this paste to Curd. Make Mustard tadka, add this to the curd as well. Now, take small portions of Shree Iyengar Foods Vada batter, deep fry in oil...

Chennai Style Special Sambar

5th August, 2020

Small onion or Shallots makes the Sambar very delicious. Pressure cook 1 cup of Arhar daal with 1/2 a spoon Turmeric powder. Mash nicely , keep aside. Soak a lemon size Tamarind , take the juice and boil for 10 minutes...

Tips to Make the Softest Idlis!

4th August, 2020

Leave the batter pouch in room temperature for few hours. You will notice the pouch puffing up, indicating the batter getting fermented. Open the pouch, add salt...