Privacy Policy

This privacy policy of Shree Iyengar Foods (hereinafter referred to as “the team/team or we”) lays down clearly the type of information requested to be entered by the users of the website and how we intend to use the same and also how we intend to protect the data or information (defined hereinunder) collected from the users of the website at all costs.
The phrase ‘Data or Information’ refers to any information that is being requested for by the team from the users of this website at the time of placing an order by any user for any products of Shree Iyengar Foods. The nature of information requested by the team from a customer at the time of placing an order is given more in detail below.
Please note that the data asked for by the team to the customers and users of this website are not collected or stored by the team in any way. The purpose of asking for data is explained under in detail. We at Shree Iyengar Foods intend to maintain full transparency with its customers, as our objective is to keep our customers fully informed of the working of our website and what we require from the our customers in order to keep the website working efficiently. Therefore, we humbly request all our customers and users of this website to read this privacy policy and keep yourselves informed at all times.
By using our website, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms.
Nature of data or Information collected:
The following information will be collected or requested by the team whilst placing an order on our website:
1. Name of the Customer.
2. Address of the Customer for delivery of the product.
3. Phone number or mobile number of the customer for tracking and on-time delivery.
4. Email ID of the customer to ensure that the customer gets an email about the order placed and amount paid for it.
5. Bank details of the customer when payment is chosen to be made through debit/credit card, and UPI id verification in case it is chosen to be done via UPI.
Purpose of collecting the data or information:
The main purpose of requesting the above-mentioned information is to effectively and efficiently complete the whole order and delivery process. We need the customer information so that we can execute any order placed by the customer without any hassles. Our objective is to deliver smoothly to your doorstep the products ordered by you. Other ancillary purposes for collection of the information are explained below.

What do we do with the information and how we intend to protect it?
As stated above, we collect the customer information to ensure smooth and effective execution of all order placed on our website. Apart from that, we also collect the information to ensure smooth functioning of our website, to improve and expand our website if need be, to get feedback for our service from our customers and act upon improving our services to satisfy the needs of our customers to the fullest, to develop new features and products on our website, to communicate and share updates with our customers for feedback, customer service, marketing and promotional purposes.
We ensure you all that whatever information is being entered by you into our website is going to be protected by us at all costs, through various safety and security standards which we intend to implement. It is of our highest priority to ensure that no loss in any way whatsoever is caused to our customers as we value our customers more than anything else. It is guaranteed that we will not share any of the customer information to any person or persons, and it will only be used by us for the above- mentioned purposes and nothing else.
If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us.
Happy shopping!